Dawn has written three books for children. Her most recent book titled Little Steps, Big Faith was released on October 2, 2018 and is written for parents and other caregivers who want to apply the science of early childhood to help grow their children's faith.


Dawn's first children's book was Alphabet Adventure and will be re-released in 2019 with a newly-designed cover. (Do not pay $64 for this on Amazon, people.)

Dawn has authored two books in the Frolic series using the pseudonym Lucy Bell.

Her daughter's phrase "Too much!" inspired the storyline for Uri and the Busy Day. Dawn wrote this book to help toddlers, preschoolers, and their caregivers practice calming down when things get too revved up.

In Jo and the Not-So-Little Lie, Dawn put Jo the goat in a tough spot: what happens when one little lie leads to another and another? This book helps parents and their little ones use story to explore the importance of telling the truth (and asking for forgiveness when we don't). 


Dawn's articles have appeared in national magazines and online publications.

Dawn wrote "Jesus on the Brain" and "Faith in the Spaces" for Living Lutheran magazine. Read her takes on early brain development here and space design here.

Dawn contributed "Architects and Gardeners" to Youth Worker Journal to support and inform church leaders working with preteens and teenagers so they can learn more about these brains on the verge. Read her article here.  (Video bonus! To see her TED-style talk on the same topic, check out this video.)

Want a fresh take on Christmas? Dawn wrote an article about Christmas for the MOPS blog here.

Interested in Dawn's take on hospitality? Read this entry on the Beaming Books blog, then plan a grilled cheese party of your own.


Throughout her career at 1517 Media, Dawn has contributed to over 20,000 pages of educational curriculum and Bibles as writer and editor.